Carmen Moore with her dildo in the jacuzzi videos

So its been over a week since the last update, and for that I am sorry.  I’ve been pretty busy lately, but the good thing is we have a new update today.  It has sexy shemale Carmen Moore (of course), and shes outside with her favorite (actually I am not sure if its her favorite one or not, but for the purpose of me writing this description, we’ll call it her favorite one) dildo in the jacuzzi.  You have to love jacuzzis.  I think they’re really only good for fucking and trying to get people in them to fuck.  I guess Carmen Moore didn’t have anyone she could call this time around, so shes going at it solo.  Check out the videos of her working her tight asshole with her favorite dildo in the jacuzzi, then be sure to check out her site for more of her exclusive videos.